We deliver talent for companies

Do you need analytical finance students? Innovative and fresh-minded marketers?  Aspiring accountants? We have them - and more.

Short term workforce

Whether it is a summer intern, a short-term project help or someone to assist in the peak seasons of your business, TalentConnect will provide the workers for you.

Part time workforce

There is a constant need for workforce in your company but you still are not ready to establish the job position. TalentConnect is the way to make sure you have the workers you need but you still maintain flexibility in your organization.

Project based consultants

Do you have a business issue that needs fresh perspective to overcome it? We offer project-based consultants to tackle your problems efficiently. 

We are the solutions for employers

TalentConnect recruiting provides companies with dependable and skilled workforce in a cost-efficient and easy way. Our employees have a university level background, they are highly motivated and truly provide value to the company they work for.

Our main service is TalentConnect Lease. This service consists of us placing a job announcement, the initial interviews and directing the best candidates for further interviews at your company. If a candidate gets hired he/she works under the payroll of TalentConnect, so we also take care of all the administrative costs including insurance, pension and other obligatory employer expenses.

Why Leasing?

Leasing workforce is a safe and effortless way to fulfill the need for workforce for a company. It is not a coincidence that the use of leased workforce has been rapidly increasing during the past years. TalentConnect provides an easy way for companies to find employees and to save time, money and energy in the recruitment process.

When choosing to lease workers your companies saves money in multiple phases such as writing and placing job announcements, multiple interview rounds, setting up work contracts, salary payments etc. When leasing workforce you also outsource the employer risk to TalentConnect.

We work strictly under the “No cure – no pay” principle meaning that if we are not able to find a suitable employee then we will not charge you anything. This makes trying us out risk-free and easy.

Using TalentConnect you get to concentrate on your core business – which probably is not recruiting!

Some companies that work with us: